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BUY ITALIAN ICE BACKPACKBOYZ Made with the genetics of a delicious Forbidden Fruit (Cherry Pie x Tangie) paired with that of the mouth-watering Gelato 45 (Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC), it is not surprising that Cali Connection’s Italian Ice delivers high-class bud. The great thing, however, is that she does it with ease.

The robust plant grows vigorously and is very easy to clone. As she grows, she will develop a large main cola with several side branches. However, it is recommended that you top and trim her as she grows. This way, the girl can grow wide and bushy so you can achieve maximum yield. In good conditions indoors, you can look forward to 200–320g/m². This Italian lady matures her buds in 69–74 days.

For her outstanding aroma and taste, Italian Ice blends a lot of flavours into a complex and highly enjoyable smoke. The sweet taste of blueberry meets oriental hash tones on a musky and citrusy backdrop. The excellent terpene profile of the strain makes her perfectly suited for extract and concentrate creation.

The effect of Italian Ice is incredibly relaxing, but not without just the right touch of uplifting and creative happiness. This makes the girl a well-rounded smoke for any occasion, perfect for chilling alone or sharing with friends.

If you like good cannabis, rest assured Italian Ice by Cali Connection delivers the whole package and then some.


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  1. azizalilita

    Got to be one of my top 5 faves. Tried this right after minor surgery. This got me with a euphoric head high, with a feeling of calmness and peace. Not a lot of body effects (which I like) but the bit of body buzz that eventually creeps in may make you a bit sleepy. Great for getting things done and getting a light nap after.

  2. Durgintw

    Recommend this to any and everyone because you can’t beat delivery!!! 👍👍

  3. Healthfirstcenter

    i m happy with your service such it is very useful deliver product are very good.

  4. Scroll5522

    Decent strain, not a fav, though decent. It is a chill for me, definitely a early evening strain for me. Helps with anxiety, though, if you can get your hands on Extreme Cream, grap it. I feel it is a much better strain for anxiety, than Italian ice

  5. mjoa

    This is a great daytime sativa dominant hybrid. Would also probably be great for beginners. As a daily smoker it isn’t quite potent enough for me to buy on the regular, but it is nice if you’re looking for something not too sleepy that also won’t trigger any anxiety or paranoia (doesn’t for me at least, and I can suffer from both at times). Like I said probably a great experience for light or new smokers too. Great taste and look if grown well, but even though I live where this strain was created and have seen a lot of it, I’ve never seen potency over about 16%. Considering look, scent, taste and burn are all very nice, that level of potency combined with a nicely indica tempered sativa effect might be just the ticket for some.

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