Buy Skunk Rated Gas


Buy Skunk Rated Gas

Buy Skunk Rated Gas have been used for decades as the foundations for many famous and highly appreciated strains that exist today. Skunk contains the genetics from a variety of regions in the world, including locations such as Afghanistan, Mexico, and Colombia. Because of its widespread use and cultivation, Skunk comes in many different forms.

Zambeza Skunk is one variety that sticks out as interesting and strong. The strain is sativa dominant and contains 75 percent sativa genetics and 25 percent indica genetics. The strain is the product of breeding parent strains Super Skunk, Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold.

The sativa dominant nature of this strain lends towards a high that very much focuses on the head instead of the body. The sensation derived from this strain gets the cogs of the brain turning with its thought provoking aspects. In true sativa fashion the effects are very uplifting, cerebral and often euphoric.

These traits make Skunk a great strain to roll up and smoke when around a group of friends. The high could lead to some deep discussions and philosophising. This high is accompanied by some tasty flavors with sweet and spicy tones present.

Skunk can be grown effectively both indoors and outdoors and has a flowering time of around 55 days. If grown indoors the strain can reach heights of up to 110cm and has the ability to produce yields of up to 600g per square metre.

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If Skunk is grown outdoors with access to some good quality soil and a decent amount of sunlight it has the potential to explode to heights of up to 200cm, unleashing the sativa genetics within. Outdoor yields are slightly superior to indoor yields, partially because plants have more room to grow. Outdoor yields can reach up to 650g outdoors.

The trichome heavy and stinky flowers that skunk produces contain a THC content of 17 percent. This strength occupies the middle ground of the cannabis world. It isn’t enough to absolutely blitz the user in a moderate amount, but neither is it a casual smoke for some stoners out there. Skunk is a great example of the fact that quality and quantity are indeed different. Less THC does not mean a less pleasant and satisfying high.


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